This page provides you with a sneak peek inside the treasure chest of Mixed Beans. It will be continuously updated with stories, pictures and cameos by various members of the Mixed Beans community that showcase the broad range of talents within our beautiful choir.

Enjoy our special moments…..

Coming Together in Isolation

Airang by Mixed Beans choir in quarantine April 2020

From our conductor, Cath Mundy:
“I’m not a video editor AT ALL, but I wanted to showcase my beautiful multicultural choir and what they are doing during quarantine. So I have made my first attempt at using iMovie.

Early this year, one of our lovely Altos, Ae Sook brought this song to me from her homeland and generously taught me the melody and pronunciation.
I then arranged it for Mixed Beans multicultural choir but by the time it was ready to teach to the choir, we were in shutdown.

So the choir learned to sing this traditional Korean folk song in isolation, through our online rehearsals starting in mid-March.

The choristers were then tasked with recording their individual voices on their phones at home, while watching me conduct them via video.
Each sent me a selfie with their voice recording. This was no mean feat as quite a few had never attempted using technology in this way. Most found it was quite confronting to record their own solo voices, but they overcame their fears. I am so proud of them.

We even had an international honorary Mixed Beanie join us across the planet; our lovely musical colleague Anna Gillions in the UK who, in a single day, learned and recorded the Soprano, Alto AND Tenor parts and sent it over to us!! Aaah, the technology.

My gorgeous Jay then sprinkled everything with his own special brand of audio “magic dust” in our home-studio; e voila.

As one chorister so aptly said: “We all miss singing together and this helped us to be together even though we are isolated.”

Music and Art Ignites Our Senses

Eileen Rayner has been busy again and has made this most amazing quilt with a kaleidoscope of musical imagery and Van Gough masterpieces, aptly naming it “Music and Art Ignites Our Senses”. Eileen has made this as a labour of love, in readiness for it to be the main prize at our annual Trivia Night raffle. There are many, many hours of dedication sewn into this masterpiece….thousands in fact, combining machine quilting and hand stitching to bring the three layers together!

Given that we are all in lockdown though, it will be some time before we get the chance to take it home and put it on our our bed. (read John says that he & Kerrie plan to win LOL!)

Feast your eyes on Eileen’s magnificent artistry here

In the meantime, Cath & Jay are enjoying it as a backdrop in their home music studio (Skyline Studios) where they are busy at work filming sessions for Cath’s three choirs, Mixed Beans, Freedom Train and With Once Voice Brisbane.

Thank you so much Eileen for inspiring us with your great work and your wonderful generosity

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