DecaDance Album

DecaDance is a celebration of ten years of Mixed Beans multicultural choir.  The album takes the listener on an uplifting journey through a myriad of cultures, languages, landscapes and emotions, sung by a diverse community of voices.

Track Titles

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1. Jingeri! tell me more and have a look at the video here

2. Welcome – It’s Time To Sing tell me more and have a look at the video here

3. Mad Monkeys tell me more and have a look at the video here

4. All Around The World tell me more and have a look at the video here

5. Inanay tell me more and have a look at the video here

6. Ubuntu / DecaDance (The Story of Mixed Beans) tell me more and have a look at the video here

7. Let It Go tell me more and have a look at the video here

8. Aelan Dress tell me more and have a look at the video here

9. Dragoste, Buruiană Rea tell me more  and have a look at the video here

10. Ahakama tell me more and have a look at the video here

11. Sakura tell me more and have a look at the video here

12. We Know The Way tell me more and have a look at the video here


Album Notes

DecaDance is the choir’s second album and presents twelve tracks in a mixture of original songs, covers and traditional folk-songs.  Reflecting Mixed Beans’ richly diverse multi-lingual repertoire, there are songs in nine languages, including Japanese, Romanian, Maori, Bislama (Vanuatu) and English.

Cath Mundy

The album opens with two pieces written by Cath Mundy, Mixed Beans’ conductor of ten years.  The upbeat Jingeri!, greets the listener in the Yugambeh language of the traditional custodians of the choir’s local region, followed by an “Acknowledgement of Country” in Welcome – It’s Time To Sing.

Cathy Korzeniewski

Long-term Mixed Beans member Cathy Korzeniewski contributes an original song to the album – the kooky children’s song Mad Monkeys.   Two more children’s songs, Inanay and Ahakama, one Aboriginal and one Maori, add to the delightfully playful elements of the album.

The album also takes a voyage to the beautiful islands of the South Pacific with the laid-back Aelan Dress from Vanuatu and the dynamic We Know The Way from Disney film Moana, sung in Tokelauan, the Polynesian language of Moana songwriter Opetaia Foa’i.

Peace is observed in modern-day hymn Let It Go, the wise words of Australian poet and cartoonist Michael Leunig set to beautiful music by Suzann Frisk, whilst the wistful Japanese folk-song Sakura celebrates the famous cherry blossoms of that land, heralding the spring. 

The emotional tumult of unrequited love is expressed with great verve in Romanian folk-song, Dragoste, Buruiană Rea (Oh Love, You Bad Weed), taught to the choir by renowned Romanian folk-singer Sirma Granzulea.

All Around The World by Australian singer-songwriter Fay White speaks of the power of song to bring people together and to heal “the hardened heart”.  Featuring the darambuka rhythms of musician Alyssa Maughan, this track evokes a stirring Middle-Eastern flavour.

Indian-fusion artist Menaka Thomas features as guest vocalist on the track Ubuntu / DecaDance (The Story of Mixed Beans).  This original piece, written for the album by John Rodriquez, Jay Turner and Cath Mundy to celebrate the choir’s first decade, combines a mesmeric dance groove with polyphonic choral chanting and spoken word.

Menaka Thomas

The African term ‘Ubuntu‘ means ‘I Am, Because We Are’ while Menaka Thomas offers the equivalent phrase in Sanskrit; “Yo Ahamasmi brahmaahamasmi” meaning “that which is the whole, that I am.”   This philosophy is fully embraced and embodied in Mixed Beans multicultural choir. 


The choir were recorded live at Alchemix Studios, South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, on 15 June 2019.

Recording Engineers: Marly Lüske, Mitchell Jay

Mixing and Mastering: Marly Lüske

Produced by Singclusion Inc (John Rodriquez, Jay Turner, Cath Mundy & Kerrie Rodriquez)

Conductor, Musical Director & Choral Arranger: Cath Mundy

Backing Tracks produced by Jay Turner (Track 2, 3, 6) at Skyline Studio, Waterford

We Know The Way backing track produced by Karaoke Version (used with permission)

Song Translation & Pronunciation: Sirma Granzulea and Vasi Romanescu (Track 9), Rosie Weqas (Track 8), Yugambeh Museum (Track 1), Jo Bolger (Track 10).

All repertoire on this album was licenced by APRA-AMCOS.

Guest Vocalist: Menaka Thomas (Track 9)

Photography: Vincent Swift

Album Graphic Design: Jay Turner

Videography/Video Editing: Pascal Burger

Camera-Operators: Mael Burger, Vali Wood, Michael O’Brien

Choir Scarves Maintenance: Robyn Martin


Tracks 1 & 2: Catherine Mundy

Track 3: Cathy Korzeniewski

Track 4: Fay White

Track 5: Lou Bennett of Tiddas

Tracks 8, 9, 10 & 11: Traditional arranged by Catherine Mundy

Track 6: John Rodriquez, Jay Turner & Catherine Mundy

Track 7: Michael Leunig and Suzann Frisk

Track 12: Lin-Manuel Miranda and Opetaia Tavita Foa’i


Guitars & Ukuleles: Jay Turner

Bass Guitar: Chris Powell

Darambuka, Clapsticks, Ukulele: Alyssa Maughan

Ukulele, Violin, Keyboard: Cath Mundy

Piano: David Chivers

Ukulele: Lee-Anne Dobson

Extra Percussion: Kerrie Rodriquez, Helen Romanescu, Robyn Martin, Mei Har Rundle, John Rodriquez, Johanna Mountier, Christine Brightman, Cathy Korzeniewski

Featured Vocalists

Track 3: Cathy Korzeniewski. Monkey Vocals: Christine Woods, Chloe Mackie

Track 4: Cath Mundy

Track 6: (in order of entry) John Rodriquez, Cath Mundy, Menaka Thomas. Spoken Word: Jay Turner

Track 9: Ion (John) Romanescu with Johanna Mountier, Adrianna van Stiphout, Helen Romanescu

Choristers who sang on the album


Julie Andersen

Christine Brightman

Mercia Brock

Ana Cameselle

Cathy Korzeniewski

Edith Li

Chloe Mackie

Ae Sook Mankiewicz

Kerrie Rodriquez

Helen Romanescu

Mei Har Rundle


Cas Aarts

Tim Ballam-Cross

James Collins-Roe

David Hall

Phyllip Jones

Jacqueline Kronenburg

Danie Malan

John Rodriquez

Ion (John) Romanescu

Stephen Suen


Jenny Aarts

Daphne Evans

Helen Ganter

Melanie Hannan

Mali Kong

Sue Malan

Robyn Martin

Alyssa Maughan

Anne Mitchell

Eileen Rayner

Janice Suen


Lee-Anne Dobson

Alison Herbst

Johanna Mountier

Corrie Roggeveen

Adrianna Van Stiphout

Christine Woods

Available in CD format or Download Card $15

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